WordPress Workshop in SIRTS

Wednesday morning it was, 24-aug-2016, It was good sunny day and my day started at 8:00 am and talked with my friend Aditya Shah and left for his place at 10:00 am. We had a discussion about the workshop and then we left for Sagar Institute of Research Technology & Science (SIRTS) and met our team members Raj Nilayam and Rishabh Chandrayan who were making arrangement for workshop already.

Our workshop covered:

  • Domain Information and free domain registration with dotTK Domain Registry.
  • Hosting Information and free hosting registration with Hostinger.
  • Information about name servers.
  • WordPress Installation with its famous five minute install 😀
  • Customizing the website with themes and plugins.


We started our session on 12:30 PM this was my first session i delivered on WordPress, and i was so happy to see the excited students, we were provided with a computer lab, projector and computer system for our workshop from the college side. Started our workshop by asking few question from students about the topics, WordPress, motive of workshop and announced about the swags. I completed the introduction about WordPress, motive of workshop.

Then Aditya stared the session about registering a domain leading to register for a hosting account, setting up name servers to point the domain which took around 1.5 hours to make everyone understand and capable to use it. Our team helped every student who asked for help by raising their hand and our team members visited to deal with the problem they faced during following the instruction on the screen.

At the end of this part everyone was ready with their personal website with a WordPress theme installed on it.

Rishab explained about the WordCamp event to everyone and everyone gave a dedicated response about participating in the event and were very happy to hear about the speaker sessions and other benefits of WordCamp.

After this we were presented a memento by Head of the Department, computer science department and was appreciated for the workshop taken.

Some pictures of the workshop:


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